TMI PROJECT | Black Stories Matter: Truth to Power

Join TMI Project for Black Stories Matter: Truth to Power, a true storytelling performance featuring a full line-up of all brand new stories touching on the triumphs, humor, beauty and resilience of the Black experience in America.  This event will be live streamed on Facebook thanks to our partner Radio Kingston.

Free & open to the public

Suggested donation: $20




Black Stories Matter is TMI Project’s way of making an impact in addressing incidents of hate, bigotry and racial injustice in our local community while also participating as an organization in the national outcry of injustice. In alignment with TMI Project’s mission to empower people and bring about change through true storytelling, Black Stories Matter seeks to raise awareness around issues of inequality and injustice through true storytelling and inspire people to take action while also using our digital platform to expose inequality and injustice rapidly and frequently and amplify the voices of those who have inspiring stories to share, about black people surviving–and thriving–in the Hudson Valley and throughout the United States.

243 Hurley Ave

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