The Game of Business Storytelling


I’m Doug Motel, an award-winning storyteller, online marketing expert, and coach. I’ve been helping large corporations and small businesses to profit from the web for over twenty years. I have helped clients dramatically increase their visibility..

I will be holding a special seminar in Kingston NY, I will help businesses to access the essential “DNA” of their business story. In this session, you will clarify the core values that make your company unique and craft a tale not just about your business but also about your ideal customers so you can understand how they best HEAR your story.


All marketing is essentially just storytelling – you are spinning an engaging yarn about your business.

From social media posts and videos to press releases, your job as a marketer is to grab us, in the same way, that a “once upon a time..” grabbed us as children.

This seminar will send you away with new tools for successfully communicating your message.

HOW (Much)?

The investment to your business of this full, three-hour training is only $95.

Note: To answer everyone’s questions and cover all that I need to cover, I can only register 20 people.

This event has a complete money-back guarantee. If after the first hour you are not thinking “wow, this is going to be SO helpful to my business, I can’t wait to try this stuff!” then I will give you a full refund.


  • “Wheel of a Balanced Business™” a powerful intake and assessment of conditions of your organization
  • “Nailing Your Story’s North Star™” which identifies the three critical values that your business should follow in all communications.
  • Social Media tips and tricks for telling your story
  • Storytelling with video
  • My e-book “The Fundamentals of Business Storytelling”
  • Telling your story to Google and the Search Engines
  • Much more


“Doug’s efforts led our website traffic to soar from 1,000 visitors per
month to over 35,000 visitors per month in just the first nine months.”
-Robert M. Bernstein M.D., CEO Bernstein Medical P.C.

“This was easily the most valuable and informative presenter
that we’ve ever had at the Rosendale Chamber, or perhaps any other Chamber at which I’ve attended. Thank you so very much!”
– Sean Griffin, President & CEO, Inc.

“Doug’s tips on getting your website seen were wonderful; we lucked out having him speak with us.”
– Victoria Coyne, Owner, Victoria Gardens

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