Mamalama y Andes Manta Concert in the Widow Jane Mine

Join us for an afternoon of music INSIDE the earth. Two world (and other-world) music groups join forces —  Mamalama y Andes Manta — in a collaborative, continuous flow of music from the ancient times to the present day, visions of music like clouds, floating down from the peaks of the Andean Llanganatis Mountains, into the lush rainforest, down to the depths of whales, we’ll take you through it.

Mamalama  is an ever-evolving, uncommon orchestration with song circles written for voice and European/Paraguayan harps, with piano, ethereal voices, traditional Native American/Andean flutes, hammered dulcimer, music boxes, harmonium, octave mandolin, charango and frame drums.
 Harpist/vocalist/songwriter Elizabeth Clark composes the music informed by her travels, both worldly and otherwise. The stories behind the songs are sourced from dreams, meditation, world mythology, and prayer.

Andes Manta  is a 4 brother ensemble from Ecuador who have been performing the traditional music of the Andes for over 30 years throughout the United States. They perform with over 35 traditional instruments including a wide variety of traditional Andean flutes (including some that are 6 feet long), charango, ocarinas, percussion, bandolin, and more. They have collaborated with artists like Paul Winter, as well as performed in spaces like Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, The National Cathedral, among others.

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