Dzieci Theatre’s MAKBET in the Widow Jane Mine

Dzieci theatre presents MAKBET, a mysterious, ceremonial reworking of Macbeth, joining Eastern European folk songs and chants to Shakespeare’s verse. A haunting voyage into a stunning nightmare.

In Dzieci Theatre’s MAKBET, Shakespeare’s ageless tale of greed, corruption, omens and foul deeds, is told through the unflinching performance of a handful of actors who take turns spontaneously trading off parts at the drop of a hat (literally!).

In Dzieci’s MAKBET, a riotous clan from ‘the Old Country’ greets you with libations and divinations then takes you inside the Widow Jane Mine where they embark on their wildly ritualistic, role-changing, take on Macbeth; an immersion beneath the skin of Shakespeare, and an experience, which audiences have said is

Absolutely liberating!

Century House Historical Society

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