Circus of Wolves w/Slick Aguilar

Circus Of Wolves together with Slick Aguilar are putting together a special collaboration at The Colony on December 12th, 2019. Slick needs no introduction. He’s the former lead guitarist for Jefferson Starship from 1992 up until 2012. Slick now tours with ‘Live Dead ’69’ and ‘The Airplane Family Band’.

Circus Of Wolves is comprised of seasoned musicians, who have played together in various configurations for years. The ‘Wolves’ concept is built on original material which blends jazz, soul, funk, folk and rock with some Latin and Brazilian accents.

Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship has been an enormous influence on their music. For this show, Slick will be adding his signature lead guitar sound to Circus Of Wolves, and together, they’ll be performing some new interpretations of Airplane and Starship favorites.

Circus Of Wolves is Leesah Stiles on lead vocals, Andy Jones on rhythm guitar and vocals. Ruperto Ifil on drums, Harvey Boyer on keyboards and vocals. Will Smith on saxophone and flute. Joe Bongiorno on bass guitar and vocals, guest percussionist Peter Martin.

Opening act for this show is Singer/songwriter Ed McGrath.

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