BAU Gallery Annual Juried Show: Emergence

The Beacon Artist Union is excited to share our annual juried show. This year, the gallery will feature a diverse selection of incredible artwork made in the region, as selected by guest juror, Samantha De Tillio. De Tillio is known most recently for her curation work at the Museum of Art and Design in New York City, as well as a long list of other institutions. Our theme this year is “Emergence”. Artists throughout the region were invited to respond and experiment in response to our theme, and exhibit work in our Beacon community. In its most common usage, Emergence implies a transition or awakening from one state to another.

This year was challenging for many, and the BAU hopes this landmark exhibition of emergent work holds a sense of hope for the future. Another understanding of the word Emergence comes from the world of math and science. In these fields, something shows emergent properties when it has properties its pieces do not have on their own. An ant colony for example is capable of astounding feats of efficiency and problem solving, while a single ant cannot make it alone. In this way, our theme might resonate with the patterns of newfound divisions and connections, and the power of humanity. A collective force, for better or worse.

As we hope to leave the dark days of 2020 behind us and move towards the brighter days ahead, artists were asked to submit work that resonated with their own ideas of Emergence. Submissions were open to any media, and the show will feature paintings, sculpture, photography and more.
We invite you to join us at the Beacon Artist Union every weekend from 12-6 PM, February 13th through March 7th. In place of a formal gallery opening, the Beacon Artist Union has agreed to celebrate our whole opening weekend, spreading out visitors and implementing masks and social distancing procedures. We hope you will join us!

506 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508

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